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Profit from your SAP knowledge!


Our Fixers include thousands of professionals from all over the world – who connect, consult, and profit from what they know in SAP.

Manage your time and work on your own schedule.

Our micro consulting platform puts real value on your knowledge and gives you the power to manage your time so you can work when and how you want to. With ERPfixers you are in complete control – you decide with whom to connect and consult and what types of requests are appropriate for you to solve.


Already a Fixer?

I like the ratings system of the ERPfixers platform. It motivates me to resolve the Members issues as quickly and accurately as I can.
— Pennsylvania, USA - Fixer
SAP Help Quote
SAP Help Quote
It feels good to have the excitement and buzz that SAP consultants get, while expanding my skills beyond my normal job.
— Sao Paulo, Brazil - Fixer

What is your expertise?


Select the SAP Module(s) you specialize in. When our system finds a potential match for your skills, we’ll notify you.


Our online Fixer community is diverse and highly experienced with SAP ERP. We are very selective in our application process. Applying to become a Fixer does not guarantee acceptance.