How to: Create a Vendors Top Spend Report

Every so often, we like to post on our blog some examples of requests from our community of Members. Here is a request that was posted from a Member this past week (with their permission, of course!)


"I have been creating a query to give me the top spend vendors with each line item with inter company transactions. However, there is no easy way to generate a report to achieve the same. Because I need to put the vendor number in each line item, with text of vendor name and GL. I am taking only KR documents. In short if I pick a vendor I want to see how much we spent and what were the inter company transactions. Any guidance you can give me will be greatly appreciated. This is how I built the query:

Tables used: BKPF BSAK BSAS LFA1

These are the fields I need: Vendor number, Vendor name, Doctype, GLAcct, GLtext, Cost center, Cost center text, Document number, Company code, amount in local currency, amount in doc currency, posting date, cross company document."


FIXER response:

1. Create Infoset



2. field groups

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3. Create query

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4. Select field groups

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5. Select Criteria Fields

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6. selections

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7. Layout design

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