How to Monitor ABAP Related WP’s @ AIX/LINUX Oslevel in Absence of SAPGUI Access

1. Login to AIX/LINUX box with sidadm user.

2. Use command cdpro to go toSAP system profile path , now use command pwd

It will show path like : /usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile or /sapmnt/SID/profile 

2.1 Here use another command ls –altr it will show list of profile available like default, start & instance profile

2.2 Note down the instance profile naming convention SID_DVEBMGS<instance_number>_Host

2.3 Now prepare a path on notepad like : /usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile/ SID_DVEBMGS<instance_number>_Host

2.4 Then use command on AIX box as

dpmon pf=/usr/sap/SID/SYS/profile/ SID_DVEBMGS<instance_number>_Host

It will show dispatchers status in table format


2.5 Use option m -> menue

2.6 It will show all available action can be performed from AIX /Linux box incase SAP GUI is not reachable.


Note: In Alternate you could monitor same thing on SAP GUI with tcode SM50

How to Start SE.SAP<PROCESS> Send Process in SAP ABAP System

1. In case you have monitoring set up to monitor total number of SAP process running it will through the alert that se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<instance_number> is not running.

Otherwise, login to AIX/LINUX OS Machine with SIDADM user and fire below command:

ps –ef|grep se* < it will show output like below

$ ps -ef |grep se*

lrwxrwxrwx1 sidadm   sapsys           DATE se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr> -> /sapmnt/SID/exe/rslgsend

In case no output means SEND PROCESS(se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<instance_number> )  is not running .

2. Use command cdD then cd work it will ask you to come at


2.1 Use command ls –altr se* it will give output like

lrwxrwxrwx1 sidadm   sapsys           DATEse.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr> -> /sapmnt/SID/exe/rslgsend

2.2 Remove this softlink with below command

rm se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr>

2.3 Now create softlink again with below command

ln -s -f /sapmnt/SID/exe/rslgsend se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr>

ln -s -f /sapmnt/SID/exe/rslgcoll co. sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr>

2.4 Then Start SEND PROCESS in SAP with below command

nohup se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr> pf=/sapmnt/SID/profile/ se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr> -F &

2.5 Check if SAP SEND PROCESS STARTED And running fine with below command

ls -lrt se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr>

lrwxrwxrwx1 sidadm   sapsys           DATE se.sapSID_DVEBMGS<nr> -> /sapmnt/SID/exe/rslgsend


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