How to: Reset ABAP SCHEMA SAPSR3 User Password

Reset ABAP SCHEMA SAPSR3 User Password Up To SAP ERP6.0 EHP6

1. Check SAPSR3 user validity first on SQL Plus

  • Select username,profile,password,ACCOUNT_STATUS,EXPIRY_DATE from dba_users where username=’SAPSR3’;

If the validity is getting expired save that record first

2. Check SAPSR3 user password value and save it before change some time revert might required.

  • Select name, password, ASTATUS from sys.user$ where name=’SAPSR3’;

3. Reset the password of system user first

brconnect –u / -c –f chpass –o system –p < new password)

or Through command line

sqlplus > alter user <user_name> identified by <new password>;

This system user is required to login and insert values of SAPSR3 schema users changed password.

4. Change the SAPSR3 user password with below command

brconnect –u system/<Systemuser_password> -f chpass –o SAPSR3 –p <SAPSR3 user new_password>

5. Now check if R3trans –d output is 0000 with sidadm user on os box.

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Reset ABAP SCHEMA SAPSR3 User Password in SAP ERP6.0 EHP7 onwards

1. Check env | grep RSEC

It will give 2 directory Path one is for key & other is for data

i.e. /usr/sap/SID/SYS/global/security/rsecssfs/data


2. Goto path cd /usr/sap/SID/SYS/global/security/rsecssfs/data

Check how many files are there with command ls –altr 

You could get a file like SSFS_SID.DAT make a copy of this file as backup and then execute next command to reset SAPSR3 password

  • rsecssfx put DB_CONNECT/DEFAULT_DB_USER SAPSR3 –plain
  • rsecssfx put DB_CONNECT/DEFAULT_DB_PASSWORD <new_password>

Make sure the SAPSR3 user should not be written in lowercase otherwise it could create issue.

3. Now check R3trans –d command output again <it should be 0000 only>

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For SAP Net weaver 740 onwards, There are no mechanism of OPS$ to connect with database only SAPSR3 & password required to connect & this Password should be changed via Secstore method only.