When we try to update a Support Package, this issue can occur:

(requires at least version xxxx of the Support Package Manager)

SAP Saint Update


(version is too low)

SAP Spam Saint Update

This is because the SPAM and SAINT are not up to date.

To check the current SPAM version, you can also go to tcode SPAM, and check the top of the screen. To download the latest versionfor your spam:

“Browse Download Catalog” > “Additional Components” > “SAP SPAM/SAINT UPDATE”, get the latest one.

Put the file downloaded in folder /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in of your system.

Then, log on client 000, and access the tcode SPAM, to import the file:

SAP Spam Update
Importing a SPAM/SAINT Update

Go to “import SPAM/SAINT”, and confirm:

Importing SPAM/SAINT Update
Importing SPAM/SAINT Update

After that, just go to “Import queue”:

SAP Spam/Saint

Author: Richard Brehmer

Richard has his degree in information systems, specializing in IT infrastructure, focused on SAP and Oracle environments. Enthusiast in SAP and Oracle technologies, currently working as SAP Basis at Teiko Soluções em TI, providing support to SAP and Oracle database administration.

Module(s): Basis, Netweaver