Automated Note Search Tool

In our day to day operational scenario we use to face many issues/bugs with the standard SAP transaction/objects – and to fix those bugs/issues, we need to implement SAP Note or follow the instruction prescribed in SAP Notes. Searching a relevant SAP Notes as per the system configuration and bugs is quite a cumbersome task – it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack. But we do have an automated Note search tool that is going to make our operation life quite easy. 

  • This application searches SAP correction notes for a specific problem based on the issue replication in our system. Additionally, it will provide a list with the customer code involved together with other features useful to solve the problem.
  • When a problem occurs and we suspect it's an error for which a SAP Note correction could exist, go to transaction ANST_SEARCH_TOOL and reproduce the problem by specifying the transaction or program involved:

For example: Let say we have some error for transaction OASV (Transfer Posting Transaction code). Please refer to below snapshot for selection screen Inputs for ANST_SEARCH_TOOL.

SAP Notes

Then start the tool (by pressing F8). Then replicate the issue: (we now need to execute the Transaction Code OASV and replicate the issue that we are facing).

SAP Note Search Tool

After pressing ENTER we get the following error at the bottom of the screen:

SAP Note Search Tools

Now go back (F3)

The control is transferred again to the Note Search Tool. A list of the application components involved in the execution will be displayed. Please refer below snapshot:-

SAP Notes Help

Select the component or components we think the problem belongs to and click on ‘Note Search’ icon: The tool will start searching for correction Notes (refer the snapshot below).

SAP Tip: Search Tools

After some time we get a list of notes that are not implemented in your system and that could be related to our issue: (Please refer to below snapshot)

SAP Search Tool Tips

You can click on the note link to read the note:

SAP Search Help

In our case, SAP note 1279254 solves the issue and after implementing it, the error will disappear and the note will not be displayed anymore.

Note: Before implementing an SAP Note, do always check whether it can be implemented or not and possible reported side-effects. 

Author: Vivek Kumar

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant/Vistex Technical/CRM Technical Consultant More than 5 years of total IT industry experience encompassing skill set, roles and industry verticals. Experience involved with requirement designing in ERP domain as a technical consultant. Currently Working as ABAP team member. The functional module where provided technical solutions are Order to cash ( OTC/ Sales & Distribution), Procure to Plant ( PTP/Material Management and Production Planning ), Plant to Distribution (PTD/ Production Planning). Knowledge of ABAP Programming Techniques with different modules like Vistex and different functional module. Worked on Social CRM platform as CRM technical consultant and BRF+ Consultant for 1.5 years. Worked on DDIC, Report, Enhancement,screen design, Conversion, Function Module, Interface, Transaction Variant etc. Analyses of Functional Specification, Technical Specification and Unit Test Plan preparation. Experience of 1 implementation, 2 post implementation support, 1 Upgrade project and 2 continuous Enhancement Projects.

Module(s): ABAP, Basis, CRM