Migration of Standard Classic Badi to New Badi

Let’s suppose that there is a business requirement, where we have to implement any (specific BADI as per business requirement) BAdI multiple times. But the challenge we are facing with requirement is – the BAdI we found out for this purpose is a single use BAdI. This implies we can implement this BAdI for a single Use NOT for multiple times.
To overcome this roadblock – we have to migrate this Standard Classic BAdI to New BAdI and make it to multiple use. We need to follow below steps in order to migrate standard Classic BAdI to New BAdI:

  1. From the properties tab of the BAdI we can see if it is single use or multiple use BAdI. Please refer to below snapshot:

2. For migration we have to go to Utilities -> Migrate Classic BAdI. Please refer to below snapshot:



3. Once we click on Migrate Classic BAdI (as shown in above snapshot), a Pop-up will come which will ask for Enhancement Spot and short description.
Please refer to below snapshot:

SAP BADI Experts


4. After that it will ask for Package and TR. Save it. It will give a pop-up. Please refer to below snapshot:

SAP BADI Classic To New



5. Spot will be created. Tick the Multiple Use Checkbox and Context –Specific Instantiation.

6. Copy the interface from classic BAdI and create a Z Interface and attach it to Spot. (Here in our case ZIF_EX_EINE_DB_STRG).
Please refer to below snapshot for further clarification:

SAP Classic BADI To New


7. After that right click on the Implementation and create custom BADI implementations according to business need.

8. To create the implementation, create custom class by copying the class as present in classic BADI. Save and Activate.

Below screen will appear:


9. As we have changed the BAdI to “Multiple Use” so in the same way we can create multiple implementations and meet our business need. As in our case two implementations are created.

Author: Vivek Kumar

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant/Vistex Technical/CRM Technical Consultant More than 5 years of total IT industry experience encompassing skill set, roles and industry verticals. Experience involved with requirement designing in ERP domain as a technical consultant. Currently Working as ABAP team member. The functional module where provided technical solutions are Order to cash ( OTC/ Sales & Distribution), Procure to Plant ( PTP/Material Management and Production Planning ), Plant to Distribution (PTD/ Production Planning). Knowledge of ABAP Programming Techniques with different modules like Vistex and different functional module. Worked on Social CRM platform as CRM technical consultant and BRF+ Consultant for 1.5 years. Worked on DDIC, Report, Enhancement,screen design, Conversion, Function Module, Interface, Transaction Variant etc. Analyses of Functional Specification, Technical Specification and Unit Test Plan preparation. Experience of 1 implementation, 2 post implementation support, 1 Upgrade project and 2 continuous Enhancement Projects.

Module(s): ABAP, Basis, CRM