How To Migrate Report Painter Reports to the SAP General Ledger

Transaction FAGL_RMIGR

Step :1 Create your own library from New GL TABLE

Go to transaction GR21 and create your library like that

On characteristics chose what you need, of course add all characteristcis used in your Profit center library. This is an example:

Do the same for Basic key figures (standard should be enough)

Idem for Key figures

And save your library


Step 2: Transaction FAGL_RMIGR

Here I migrate standard reporting from EC-PCA to NewGL

You have to delimiter report. First you should run it in test mode, because you can have some error message based on variable that you have used.

You can change the name of your target report for example and valid Field for 

account. If you have a P&L account you can chose based on cost element ( Primary and secondary) or based on GL account (without secondary).

SAP will describe the result of migration with all modifications

If for a set SAP can't do the change, you will have an error message


Step 3: Real mode on transaction

Here the log is ok now

In this case it's a report writer, so you can see it or change to transaction


Here we have some information message to inform you there is error for reporting (even it's an information message)

So go back in your library and adjust it based on remark

In this case you need to delete your report in NewGL library and re import it.

Period = characteristics RPMAX.

Author: Philippe Gauthier

Expert on SAP FI/CO and BPC IFRS implementation with New GL Working in Europe. Many complete projects implementation and roll outs Profit analysis deployment Make to order or Stock to order process Material Ledger Profit Analysis French Gaap / IFRS Gaap

Module(s): ABAP, Controlling, Enterprise Controlling, Financial Accounting, Industry Solutions, Investment Management