How Do I Become a Fixer?

Become SAP Expert

Calling all SAP Consultants!

Wouldn't it be nice to start freelance consulting? To make money assisting SAP users in areas you know you can help? There's a venue to do all this and still have the comfort of knowing more work is in the pipeline. Becoming a Fixer for ERPfixers is a simple process as long as you have the SAP experience required. There are many benefits to signing up:

  • No travel (work remote from wherever!)
  • No long term commitments
  • Work on your own terms
  • Only take on requests you know you can solve


Why does becoming a Fixer matter?

Gives you a sense of freedom - the ability to choose what you work on, as well as how, when and where you perform work is a growing priority for talented professionals, and one of the core elements of a fulfilling career.

Easily accessible - hop on a computer with internet access and you're ready to go.

There’s always work in the pipeline. The comfort of knowing there is a source for continued gigs is always a perk.


Prerequisites to becoming a Fixer

  • At least 3 years of experience in any of the SAP Modules listed on our Modules List.
  • (optional, but helpful) SAP Certification(s) or Bachelors degree or equivalent


Create a Profile

1. Sign Up with Linkedin

Be sure to add your URL to your ERPfixers profile as some Members like to validate you as a consultant and view your previous SAP experience. If you don't yet have a LinkedIn profile, you will need to create one here in order to sign up as a Fixer. A LinkedIn profile benefits you so Members can verify your work background by previewing your LinkedIn profile.

2. Add a Photo

Adding a photo give you much higher chances of being selected by a Member for a specific task. Please refer to our previous post: A how-to guide for your perfect profile picture.

3. Complete and thorough Bio

You'll want to make sure your bio is completed with work history, your background and any experience that you have that will help Members get to know you and your work ethic.

4. Add Module(s)

This is a crucial step as you want Members to be able to search for you in your specified module(s). You have the option to receive emails and/or text alerts for any requests posted in your specified module(s).


From this point, it's easy sailing...

The Fixer process includes:

Waiting for a Request in your Module(s) - You can opt in to receive email notifications so you know right when something is posted in your area of expertise..

Claiming a Request - Only claim requests you feel comfortable solving.

Waiting for Member to choose you as their Fixer - Your chances of being chosen are largely determined upon if you've executed steps #2 #3 & #5 above.