PO List Reporting Selection Parameters

Aside from the general meaning of ‘Selection Parameters’ referring to all report selection fields, on many of the standard list display reports in SAP there is a specific field named ‘Selection Parameters’ as shown below.  

This field allows you to specify the status of the documents you’re reporting on.  For example, if you want to limit your search to Purchase Orders that have been received, or only those that have been invoiced, or those that are still open, you can specify this using the Selection Parameters field.

SAP Selection Parameters

In configuration, many of these Selection Parameter field values are delivered, or you can configure your own.

Tcode SPRO > Materials Management > Purchasing > Reporting > Selection Parameters > Define Selection Parameters

SAP Parameters

Selecting ‘WE101’ for example, ‘Open goods receipt’ allows you to view the various settings.

SAP Parameter

WE101 will display only PO’s that are still open, i.e., for which there remains some ordered items to be received.   This is defined by the selection below, indicating that the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity. 

SAP Purchase Order Help

Similarly, Selection Parameter ‘Rechnung’ (‘invoice’ or ‘bill’ in English) will display those PO’s for which there remains a quantity of ordered goods that have not yet had an invoice posted against them.

SAP Parameters Tips

The applicable Selection Parameter is entered on the selection screen, and the report is executed.

SAP Parameters Help

The list display for the Purchase Order in this example only shows that 10 EA remains to be delivered against a quantity of 250 ordered.  

SAP Parameters Tip

Author: Bill Pettit

Module(s): Supply Chain Management (SCM), Materials Management (MM), Logistics Information System (LIS)