Q&A: It’s that time of the year! Recommendations for a successful Year-End Closing

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Get answers to the following questions and many more in this co-hosted ASUG webcast:

  • Typical Steps that should be carried out during the Year-End Closing process

  • Which of these steps should occur before others

  • Other modules outside FI/CO that are impacted by the Year-End -

  • Closing process

  • Issues that could crop up with the Year End Closing and how to address them

  • Some changes that occur with Year End Closing, when you are on S/4 HANA

  • If you use MR11 transaction will it affect moving average price and will price adjustments need to be done after this is run?

  • Could you please mention the transaction for reconciling inter-company?

  • Where do you set up the GL account that F.19 uses? When I run it in test mode and look at the postings, I don't see any GL Accounts.

  • Could you give details regarding the GR IR reclass process?

  • Does MR11 when done affect moving average price

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Author: Paul Ovigele

Paul Ovigele has worked as an ERP financials consultant since 1997 in both North America and Europe, specializing in implementing the FI and CO modules along with their integrated areas for companies in industries such as consumer goods, chemicals, logistics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and entertainment. Paul has delivered numerous training sessions to finance professionals at both the functional and managerial levels, and he has presented at various SAP financials conferences around the world.

Module(s): Financial Accounting