Q&A: Simple BI With Business Objects Cloud

SAP Business Cloud Help

The following is a recording of a live webcast hosted by ASUG, with ERPfixers expert Fixers. You will find the following answers and more in the video below:

  • What kind of SQL databases are supported for connections?
  • How does the ERP connection work?
  • Dive in to what a Live Connection is please.
  • Does BO Cloud work in mobile devices?
  • Is it slow to access sql server from SAP cloud to on premise (through firewall) and live data/connection?
  • How does this compare to Power BI with respect to getting 3rd party developed visualizations?
  • How is this different from SAP HANA Cloud?
  • All on premise data from my company need to import/upload to SAP cloud in order to use (live connection to on premise database or extract from it)?