Q&A: Transitioning from Costing to Account Based CO-PA

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  • What is the difference between Costing and Account Based CO-PA?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Costing vs. Account Based CO-PA?

  • What are the implications of activating both types of CO-PA?

  • What are the steps to transition from one type of CO-PA to the other?


Paul Ovigele, FI/CO Expert

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Get answers to the following questions asked in our Q&A:

Q: If you have BW based on Costing Based CO-PA, will this work for Account Based CO-PA?

Q: Can you still use Costing Based COPA in S/4 HANA?

Q: Is there an advantage of going to Account Based COPA before S/4?

Q: Comment on the 1809 release and the sort of merge of account based and cost based COPA

Q: Why activation of actual costing is optional in S4 HANA and can you provide a specific example?

Q: Did I hear you say there is no quantity from SD billing in universal journal in account based PA? 

Q: Costing based COPA allows for than one UoM per transaction.  (e.g.  25 bottles or 2500ml)  In ECC6 it seems account based Copa allows only one UoM per transaction.     How about S4Hana?

Q: If we currently have Costing Based COPA, and if we will shift to dual Costing+Account Based, how will historical data be migrated?



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Author: Paul Ovigele

Paul Ovigele has worked as an ERP financials consultant since 1997 in both North America and Europe, specializing in implementing the FI and CO modules along with their integrated areas for companies in industries such as consumer goods, chemicals, logistics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and entertainment. Paul has delivered numerous training sessions to finance professionals at both the functional and managerial levels, and he has presented at various SAP financials conferences around the world.

Module(s): Financial Accounting