Q&A: What You Should Know About Profitability Analysis With S/4 HANA Finance

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Get answers to these questions:

  • How Account-Based CO-PA is integrated with the Universal Journal

  • The considerations to be taken into account when converting from Account-Based to Costing-Based CO-PA

  • How to perform realtime derivation in CO-PA and reduce the need for month-end settlements

  • The setup needed to break cost of goods sold into cost components using Account-based CO-PA

  • How CO-PA allocations work with the Universal Journal


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Author: Ajay Maheshwari

Ajay Maheshwari is a SAP FICO Solution Architect with over 13 yrs. of experience, well known for his contributions to the SAP SCN (SAP Community Network) Forum.

He is amongst the All Time Top 20 Contributors to the SCN Forum, across all SAP modules and one of the Top Contributors in his own space SAP FICO.

He is one of the Official SAP Mentor, a rare recognition accorded to ~ 200 Consultants across the world and he has been recognized as the Topic Leader in SCN Forum since 2011 each year.

He has experience of SAP implementations & rollouts in several industries and thoroughly enjoys designing complex business processes and delivering SAP Trainings in the areas of Finance, Controlling and S/4 HANA.

Currently, he manages the FICO practice for Itelligence, one of the prestigious SAP Platinum Partner.

Module(s): FI/CO