Q&A: Why An Optimization Project Should Be In Your 2018 Plans

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Get answers to the following questions and many more in this co-hosted ASUG webcast:

  • Why is Optimization needed for SAP customers?

  • Which route should you take in an Optimization Project?

  • Typical Methodology for Optimization.

  • Examples of what could go wrong when Best Practices are not followed.

  • Real life example of Optimizing an SAP system.

  • Do you think the SAP tools SAP VLM/Value Discovery/Celonis can supplement the functional optimization?

  • For companies with heavily customized processes, is it always advisable to run the optimization project before they start the project scoping for HANA S/4? Our current process is customized over 70%.

  • How long was the optimization effort at Woodwards?


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What is the main reason your organization might consider a Functional Optimization Review?

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Author: Sydnie McConnell

A lead Systems Analyst in SAP Finance. Sydnie has over 15 years of experience in SAP Financials, both as a systems analyst and an end user. Specializing in product cost controlling and profitability analysis.