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How It Works 

ERPfixers On-Demand Assistance makes it easy and seamless for you to get answers to your most pressing SAP questions and requests. Our platform can be used for anything from one quick answer to longer-term support with no contractual commitment. The easy-to-use platform provides you with the most qualified SAP consultant(s) – our “Fixers” - to help you with your specific SAP projects. The platform also includes a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of your past and current work. Our On-Demand Assistance gives you:

  • Immediate access to highly-skilled independent consultants across all SAP modules and sub-modules

  • Online and/or on-site available consulting support

  • Consulting support that’s anywhere from one question to long-term

  • No contract commitment



Describe your SAP task or question – your request is sent immediately to our pool of highly-skilled consulting experts, our Fixers.


Find a FIXEr

Browse through the profiles of our Fixers and select a top candidate that is best for your specific task or be matched automatically.

GET SAP Answers

Our Fixer you will get your SAP task resolved in the time you need. We guarantee answers or you do not pay.


Any SAP request you have - big or small - can be resolved through ERPfixers. Whether you have a pressing SAP question or a system error that you can’t get out of, our Fixers can get you the solutions you want. We even offer longer-term support - on or off-site - according to your needs. Find resolution to your system headaches today with one of our skilled Fixers.