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ERPfixers On-Demand Assistance makes it easy and seamless for you to get answers to your SAP questions and requests. Our easy-to-use platform provides you with the most qualified SAP consultant(s) to help you with your specific SAP projects. It also includes a comprehensive dashboard to keep track of your past and current work.

  • Access to many highly-skilled independent consultants

  • Online and on-site available

  • No contract commitment 

Any SAP request you have - big or small - can be resolved through ERPfixers. Whether you have a pressing SAP question or a system error that you can’t get out of, our Fixers can accommodate. We even offer longer-term, on or off-site, support, according to your needs. Get amazing results from a talented selection of skilled experts!

Here’s How It Works:


Describe your SAP task - this is sent to our pool of over 3,500 consulting experts (called "Fixers").

Find a FIXEr

Browse through our expert Fixers and select a top candidate that is best for your specific task.


 Our skilled Fixer you will get your SAP task resolved. We guarantee answers or you do not pay.