SAP Tips & Tricks

SAP Tips and Tricks

Change Value in Standard Table in Debugging

  1. table display should be open in classic mode

  2. double click o record in which you want the change

  3. feed /h enter

  4. on any column press enter

  5. debugger will open

  6. now the value of code is SHOW

  7. change it to EDIT

FM for Background Jobs

  1. JOB_OPEN : Create a new Job

  2. JOB_SUBMIT : Add the steps via JOB_SUBMIT

  3. JOB_CLOSE : Release Job via JOB_CLOSE

BP_FIND_JOBS_WITH_PROGRAM : Find all jobs for a program/report 

BP_JOBLOG_READ : Read the job log 

BP_JOBLOG_SHOW : Display job log

SHOW_JOBSTATE : Show job status( Active/scheduled/canceled etc.) 

Check NOTE Implemented or Not (for ABAPERS)

Use FM: SCWB_NOTE_CHECK_IMPLEMENTED and this will return the status of the note.

The status is tired in table CWBNTHEAD : Header table for OSS Notes in customer systems.

Read Application Server Name 

Simple code to read

call 'C_SAPGPARAM' id 'NAME'  field 'rdisp/myname'

                                     id 'VALUE' field lv_current_server.

Store and Read Data from Clusters

* Create a transperant table, copy structure of table INDX.

DATA: it_info TYPE string,
      is_key(4) .

it_info = 'Test to save data to INDX'.
is_key = 'TEST'.

* Export to DB clsuter
EXPORT   gs_info    FROM it_info
         TO DATABASE zsandy_test(sy)
         ID is_key.

CLEAR it_info.

* Import from DB cluster.
IMPORT gs_info     = it_info
         FROM DATABASE zsandy_test(sy)
         ID is_key.

WRITE:/ it_info. " this will show the record which is inserted with EXPORT

Round Off the Decimal Value

FLOOR to round-off to lower value.
CEIL to roun-off to higher value.
For example :
gv = 12.5
lv = FLOOR( gv ) = 12
lv = CEIL( gv ) = 13

Assign Text Tables

As we know, one can find out the description/text for a particular field from the assigned text table.
E.g Material number (MARA-MATNR) description can be fetched from MAKT table based on foreign key relationships between MARA and MAKT tables.

First check the assigned text table, SE11-> Goto-> Text table and you can find the table name.

Now how to assign the text tables , there is small trick in doing so.
In MARA assign MAKT as text table and in MAKT specify the foreign key relationship on MATNR as : Key fields of a text table and give Cardinality as 1:CN.