Ask a Fixer: Demystifying the GR/IR Process

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Start: September 29, 2016 1:00 PM (CT), 2:00 PM (ET), 12:00 PM (MT), 11:00 AM (PT)

End: September 29, 2016 2:00 PM (CT), 3:00 PM (ET), 1:00 PM (MT), 12:00 PM (PT)


Demystifying the GR/IR Process

The Goods Receipt / Invoice Receipt (GR/IR) account is normally the most challenging account to manage. This is partly because of the number of transactions that are posted to it, and also because of numerous factors that could lead to its discrepancy.

Attend this live Q&A with Oona Flanagan, FICO Consultant and author of the SAP Press E-Bite “Invoice Verification with SAP: Payment Blocks in GR/IR Accounts”, where you can ask your most pressing questions such as:

- In transaction MIRO (post invoice) should I use a credit memo or a subsequent credit to post a credit note from the vendor?
- What is “Goods Receipt Based Invoice Verification” and when should I use it?
- What is the best way to post a “receipt” for a service?
- Why does my GR/IR account have a balance on it for a particular purchase order when the amount of the related invoices seems to be correct?
- When should I use Transactions MRBR to release an invoice and MR11 to write off a balance?

Speaker: Oona Flanagan, FICO Consultant



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