Implementing Customer-Exit

Through this post we will be explaining how to implement & activate Customer- Exit via Transaction code CMOD (Implement/Activate Customer Exit in CMOD).

For certain scenario, we need to modify the SAP standard flow in order to fulfill the customer requirement. For such cases, either we need CUSTOMER-EXIT or BADI or some
enhancement point - that will cater the requirement.We would have certainly identified an exit for making changes but we would not be able to code there because the exit is not implemented yet. 
There are certian steps that we need to follow in order to activate/implement Customer-exit.The steps demonstrated below will explain how to  implement/activate the customer-exit along with the code:-

Step 1:- First identify the Exit that should be used for writing the code (as per business need/scenarios).
For example - we have identified EXIT_SAPLVEDA_010 for our implementation.

Step 2:- Now we need to enhancement name for this Exit.
Goto Table MODSAP (SAP Extensions) and get the enhancement name.
Please refer to below snapshot -

SAP Implementing Customer-Exit

Step 3- Now we need to know the Project name corresponding to this Enhancement (from Step2).
Goto Table MODACT (Modifications) and get the project name by passing Enhancement name (obtained via Step2)

SAP Customer-Exit

There is a catch - if Project is Blank here in Table MODACT then follow the Option A (as explained below) and if it's not Blank then go this option B (as explained below)

Step 4:- Goto Transaction Code CMOD and Enter the Project as per the convention of Business/requirement (that we follow specific to Client/Customer).


Click on Create-->then Fill description (again as per the requirement)-->SAVE (in Transport request).

Step 5:- Click on Enhancement assignments shown in below snapshot (Highligted in RED).

SAP Customer Exit Help

Step 6:- Click on Components (as highlighted in above snapshot with Black Arrow path).

SAP Exit

All exits belonging to Enhancement would be shown.
Finally click on Activation Button. Once you activate, the indicator turns to Green color.But not yet implemented (No Tick mark in those cases).
Please refer to below snapshot:



Step 7:-Now double click on the exit which needs to be used and it will navigate us to transaction SE37.
Once we are into SE37, double click on Include ZXXXXXX’, please refer to snapshot as shown below:-

How To Implement User Exit In SAP


Once you double click on the Include ZXXXXXX’, a pop-up will appear as shown below:-
Click – YES -> Save/ Activate under package/TR

SAP Customer Exit Tips

Now we will be able to code.
Mention the new code either directly or creating another include. Please refer to below snapshot:

SAP Implement Customer Exit

Option B: 

Follow steps 

Step 1: To find the exit name
Step 2: Find enhancement name
Step 3: Get project name
Step 4: Go to CMOD -> Enter project name (Step 3) -> Change
Step 5: Click on “Components”
Step 6: Double click on EXIT name and follow above step 7 of Option 1.

Author: Vivek Kumar

SAP ABAP Technical Consultant/Vistex Technical/CRM Technical Consultant More than 5 years of total IT industry experience encompassing skill set, roles and industry verticals. Experience involved with requirement designing in ERP domain as a technical consultant. Currently Working as ABAP team member. The functional module where provided technical solutions are Order to cash ( OTC/ Sales & Distribution), Procure to Plant ( PTP/Material Management and Production Planning ), Plant to Distribution (PTD/ Production Planning). Knowledge of ABAP Programming Techniques with different modules like Vistex and different functional module. Worked on Social CRM platform as CRM technical consultant and BRF+ Consultant for 1.5 years. Worked on DDIC, Report, Enhancement,screen design, Conversion, Function Module, Interface, Transaction Variant etc. Analyses of Functional Specification, Technical Specification and Unit Test Plan preparation. Experience of 1 implementation, 2 post implementation support, 1 Upgrade project and 2 continuous Enhancement Projects.

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