Q&A: FIN REVENUE RECOGNITION - With the Deadline Looming, Are You Ready?

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Get answers to the following questions in this co-hosted ASUG webcast:

  • This presentation focused on the use of RAR. But that has only been generally available since Mar, 2015. How many customers are actually using RAR? What about the rest (assumed to be the majority) who are using "old" functionality like basic SD Rev rec?


  • In your opinion, how long should the project be for a fortune 500 company to implement RAR, the right way?


  • What is software requirement to have implemented RAR in SAP ECC6 EHP6?


  • Do companies seem to be also changing all of their internal and management reporting and metrics or do most companies appear to only be changing their external SEC reporting to align with the new standard?


  • How does/can RAR handle revenue recognition based on estimates, when customer actuals are submitted a quarter later?


  • For a mining company with sales restricted to few customers, do you think RAR is a scope?


  • RAR requires a separate license, correct?


  • What all criteria need to be met for the company to be required for this reporting?


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