ABAP Workbench

How to Enter Text In ABAP Via Editor With FM TERM_CONTROL_EDIT

Sometimes, users needs to enter some text directly (decisions, explanations, comments), for example, during the running of a module pool program. There is an easy way where the user can perform this action. Via MF TERM_CONTROL_EDIT. This MF shows a POP-UP with a text editor screen that is very simple and where the user can enter texts or perform the action of importing/exporting files.

External Debugging from EP (Enterprise Portal) and SRM Portal in SRM System

When we encounter errors/issues in an SRM document (like POs, shopping cart and SRM/EP related SAP objects), then we usually login to the SRM or EP portal to access these corresponding document. In order to analyze further - we also have to check the SRM system to crosscheck if the issue is with any custom code put into the BADI’s (Business AddIns).
To debug this scenario we would have to perform certain set of activity that is causing the error like ordering the PO etc. in the portal login which then calls the SRM system where the actual processing is done. To achieve this we will be using the external debugging option that SAP has provided. (In other words, we can say that to find the RCA we have to debug the SRM/EP objects in their corresponding landscape and that require few settings as explained below).

XBP - External Interface For Background Processing

XBP - stands for External Interface for Background Processing. It is used to enable external entity/system to schedule, start and monitor jobs inside SAP. In XBP, we have many RFC enabled function modules (provided by SAP) which can help external systems to control various background activities in job (like create, modify, delete, start, terminate, monitor etc. inside SAP).