Our Cost Transparency Report allows you to quickly and easily identify the underlying costs that influence Inventory values Cost of Good Manufactured and Cost of Sale. It enables you to analyze your product costs according to various dimensions such as:

  • Cost Components, by Material group, Material Type, Plant, Profit Center, Company Code, and many more

  • Comparison between Standard Cost Component and Actual Cost Component for multiple materials

  • Cost Components for multiple materials for multiple periods

  • Cost Components for different currency types/valuations

  • Beginning and Ending Inventory quantities and values for multiple dimensions;

  • Released standard and actual cost components by multiple materials

  • Easy reconciliation back to standard SAP reports

We use standard SAP data structures to build this report, so it is compatible with any upgrades to other ECC Releases or S/4 HANA.

This is a flexible drilldown report which a user can easily “Slice and Dice” according to their requirements, without the need for extra IT help or external consulting. The report takes a couple of weeks to implement (at a fixed price) and we leave you with a few defined reports according to your immediate requirements, as well as instructions on how to create your own reporting views.


Make your SAP processes  AGILE and EFFICIENT.

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