Fixer Tip: 5 Ways to Provide High Quality Service on ERPfixers

The most successful Fixers are the ones who consistently provide high quality service.

Quality means providing excellence, but also being a helpful, professional partner to Members from the beginning until a request is completed.

Everything from your profile to the communications you provide can contribute to a high quality presence on ERPfixers. Read on for our top tips on how to provide a high quality experience on ERPfixers.

1. Present a Professional Profile

You already know that your profile is the first introduction prospective Members will have to learn about you. By creating a thoughtful, unique, and professional profile, you can begin to build relationships with prospective Members.

The best way to give Members confidence in you and the service you will provide is to be transparent about who you are and what you can offer. You can accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Describe your qualifications truthfully and accurately. Be open about your skills and strengths. Focus and tailor your profile based on what you can offer Members. Add projects, years of experience, implementations, industries, title/role, and any other information that helps Members see your SAP skills and strengths.

  • Be sure to fill out the full profile. Take the time to fill out all elements of your profile -because a completed profile is more likely to get those requests coming in.

  • Add your LinkedIn URL to your ERPfixers profile. Doing so adds a layer of verification and credibility to your profile.

2. Be Yourself

Use a clear and current photograph of yourself looking approachable and professional in your workspace. By using a recent and accurate photograph of yourself, you are being honest with the Member from the beginning.

If you aren’t comfortable posting an image of yourself, then include an image that relates to the work you do and conveys your professionalism.

When a prospective client can put a face to your consulting, it starts to build a relationship and understand that there’s a real person on the other end of the transaction. It can make it easier to communicate and resolve questions or issues that may eventually arise with the request.

3. Get and Maintain High Ratings

Usually, great ratings from Members won’t be a surprise if you’ve provided a high quality service.

To set yourself up for success well before a request begins, make sure to have a strong, clear and accurate bio description, profile photo and a valid LinkedIn URL.

Another way to set yourself up for success from the very beginning is to maintain a realistic timetable and approach to delivering your expertise. Avoid overcommitting, and do not take on a request if you cannot have it completed by it's due date. If you do take on a request, be honest if something unavoidable comes up that might impact your work and/or delivery date.

While every Fixer wants positive reviews, you might sometime encounter a situation in which your client gives you negative feedback. While you may be disappointed, this is an opportunity for professional development and rebuilding the relationship with the Member.

Even in the event of negative Member feedback, this is still an opportunity to maintain a professional and constructive tone – and to educate the Member if their expectations or feedback is not aligned with the scope of your original request. Take advantage of any and all opportunities to brush up on your customer service skills!

4. Be Responsive

Replying to Members questions not only keeps up your Response Rate in good shape, but it helps you build rapport and trust. It can also clarify problems and issues quickly. By being accessible to a Member throughout the request process, the Member knows that you are actively engaged on the project and you know that you’re on the right track with the deliverable.

By establishing and maintaining a good rapport with a Member, you create a memorable and positive experience that opens up the opportunity for more requests for you from the Member or the Member's network.

5. Be Polite

Even when you’re in a rush, using polite language will help your client feel valued. It will also encourage Members to use the same type of language when addressing you (and we know Members appreciate being spoken to respectfully, too)!

Little details can help improve a Member's experience! Remember, you can be efficient and thoughtful at the same time.