Fixer Tip: How to Take a Perfect Profile Picture

SAP Profile Picture

Your profile is how you present yourself to Members. What does your profile picture say about you? Does it say you’re friendly, professional, and easy to get along with?

You may have excellent SAP experience and top-notch skills, but could experience difficulties getting Members to choose to be their Fixer.

Profile photos should be clear and appropriate for a professional, global community. What you wear in your photo is your decision, however, you should keep in mind that this image will be your representation of yourself throughout the ERPfixers community. Members look at profile photos to get a sense of who you are…and if they don’t see a photo that conveys friendliness and professionalism, you may get overlooked. To help you attract Members and stand out from the crowd, keep these guidelines in mind when you take your picture.

1) Lighting

Indoors: Window/natural light is always best. Avoid overhead light which creates harsh shadows.

Outdoors: Shady areas outdoors, without direct sunlight, are a great lighting choice.

2) Background

Look for a background that is clear and uncluttered. A solid wall or simple outdoor background works well.

3) Focus on your face

Face the camera straight on or with your shoulders at a slight angle. Crop so that you only include your head and the top of your shoulders.

4) Smile!

Members find smiling Fixers more warm, friendly, and trustworthy.


Ready to improve your ERPfixers profile photo? You can change it in your PROFILE SETTINGS.