Actual Cost Component Split for Multiple Materials

SAP expert consulting

Cost Component Split allows you to view a breakdown of your cost according to its building blocks such as Raw Materials, Labor, Overhead, Freight, etc. This functionality is even more powerful if you use Material Ledger’s Actual costing functionality. With Material Ledger activated, you can get a really transparent view of your actual costs across the supply chain and easily analyze the variances between standard and actual cost.

SAP provides a few reports (such as CKM3 and MLCCSPD) that show you the cost components per material. The problem with these reports is that they only show the cost components for one material at a time. This is very inconvenient when you are trying to do an analysis of all the materials in a plant or company. The only other option is to use BI/BW. The problem here is that not every company uses this application, and even those that do, still prefer the reports to be realtime and within the ECC system.

With an enhanced report provided by ERPfixers and our partners RFERP, you can see standard and actual cost components for multiple materials, as well as several different dimensions such as:

  • Cost Components, by Material group, Material Type, Plant, Profit Center, Company Code, and many more.

  • Comparison between Standard Cost Component and Actual Cost Component for multiple materials;

  • Cost Components for multiple materials for multiple periods;

  • Cost Components for different currency types/valuations;

  • Beginning and Ending Inventory quantities and values for multiple dimensions;

  • Released standard and actual cost components by multiple materials

  • Easy reconciliation back to standard SAP reports

This is a flexible drilldown report which a user can easily “Slice and Dice” according to their requirements, without the need for extra IT help or external consulting.

Take a look at the below video to see some features of the report:

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