Q&A: Gain better Visibility of Inventory Costs within your ERP System



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Paul Ovigele, FI/CO Expert, Author: "100 Things You Should Know About Financial Accounting"

Rogerio Faleiros, FI/CO Expert, Author: "Configuring Controlling in SAP ERP"

Watch the Ask a Fixer webcast recording:

In the standard ERP system it is difficult to find reports that give you a multidimensional view of your inventory costs. Many customers download the information to Microsoft Excel or use external reporting tools such as BI to do the analysis. There is nothing wrong with these options, but sometimes they lead to reconciliation errors (in the case of Excel) or realtime update issues (in the case of BI). With the Material Ledger Activated and by utilizing an enhanced report, there are several reporting options that will give you a more granular view of your inventory values.

Watch this recording of the live Q&A with two experts, Paul Ovigele and Rogerio Faleiros, where you can learn the following:

  • How to create drilldown reports in Material Ledger

  • How to view inventory costs, such as beginning and ending inventory, receipts and consumption by cost components (such as Raw Materials, Labor, Overhead, Freight, etc.) for multiple materials

  • How to track inventory turnover on a periodic basis

  • How to view inventory costs according to dimensions such as material group, profit center, product hierarchy, etc.

  • How to view standard and actual cost components for your inventory balance sheet accounts

  • How to view the released costs of multiple materials for multiple periods


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Author: Rogerio Faleiros

Rogerio is an independent SAP consultant specializing in controlling functionality. He has worked with SAP technology for more than 10 years, implementing controlling solutions in the food processing, chemical, construction and agribusiness industries. Roger has been working with IFRS and integration with product costing and material ledger minimizing the impact of the changes in SAP for companies in different locations.He has participated in rollouts in several countries such as United States, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, UK, France, Spain, Egypt, UAE, India Sweden and Finland. Rogerio has an MBA in IT from Getulio Vargas Foundation and is a frequent presenter providing training for new consultants in Brazil. Rogerio is the author of Configuring Controlling in SAP ERP.