Bringing the Sharing Economy to SAP

Sharing Economy to SAP

It works for taxis (Uber), hotels (Airbnb), odd jobs (Taskrabbit) and many more. Now it has come to SAP! 

Learn more about a new, groundbreaking approach to SAP consulting. 

Watch and listen to SAP expert and ERPfixers founder Paul Ovigele and find out how you: 

- the SAP customer, can gain quick access to SAP experts on-demand; 

- the SAP expert, can make money by freelancing on a rapidly growing sharing platform

SAP Sharing Economy

In this timely session you will: 

1. Understand how the modern sharing economy is changing the SAP community and how you can benefit. 

2. Discover the functionality and cost-saving benefits of the new ERPfixers online platform for SAP users. 

3. Learn how easy it is to become an ERPfixers freelance consultant or "Fixer". 

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