Data Migration in S/4 HANA Finance

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SAP S/4HANA Finance implementation may require migration of the following objects:

FI - Accounts payable open item

FI - Accounts receivable open item

FI - G/L account balance and open/line item

FI - Historical balance

FI-CA Contract account

FI-CA Contract partner

FI-CA Open item

FI-CA Provider contract

SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers can take advantage of reliable migration approaches built into SAP S/4HANA Cloud using the SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit together with a set of predefined data migration objects.

Data Migration to S/4HANA cloud is possible using the app ‘Migrate your data’ under the group ‘Data Migration’.

Related Business role: SAP_BR_CONFIG_EXPERT_DATA_MIG

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Steps to migrate the data

  1. Open the application ‘Migrate Your Data’

  2. Create a Migration Project

  3. Choose your migration object from the list of available migration objects.

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4. Download the migration template.

Migration template is an XML (Excel) file containing a list of data structures with respective fields compatible for S/4HANA business object.


5. Fill all relevant structure fields in all sheets.

6. Some fields relevant for translation are in 80 Char. Length. This is to allow users to migrate legacy data with the XML file and translate during the migration.

7. Upload the file.

8. Activate the file.

9. Start Transfer

10. The transfer process is a 4-step approach.

  • Validate

  • Convert

  • Simulate

  • Import

11. Validate step checks the data consistency check such as mandatory fields, Mandatory structures etc.

12. Convert step allows to map source data to S/4HANA target values. The converted data will be stored in a translation object of respective field. Confirmed values are valid for all project objects.

13. Simulate step will check the data consistency in data. The migration API will be triggered with the data in test mode. So that the data will not be posed to the DB.

14. Import step will import all source data to s/4hana. A detailed log will be produced after the migration process.

The ‘Data Migration Status’ app

With Data Migration Status app, you can check the status of your migration objects and projects after you've started migrating data to your SAP S/4HANA Cloud system for at least one migration object.

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During the data migration, there are couple of challenges to Project Manager, Data Migration Object Owner, Data Migration Object Developer in various scenarios.

    • To monitor overall migration status

      • 100+ migration objects as of 1902

      • Real time statistics & progress of objects

    • To analyze Failed Records

      • Create Excel File having errors that occurred

      • Distribute excel files to the respective domain experts

    • Validate Loaded Data

      • Prepare list of instances showing old and new key

      • Validate the loaded data in Fiori App

      • Audit, …

        The application helps to monitor the data migration progress and to see the status of every source record of a migration object. Here are the features.

      Real time progress monitoring: The application will display real time data migration statistics such as Imported, Simulated, error counts.

      Many filter capabilities: Filter objects by Migration project, Date of Migration, interested migration objects.

      Status of every source record: Every migration object instance is logged with its status as ‘Imported’, ’Ready for import’, ‘Error’.

      Readymade status Log: Download functionality will provide a detail excel sheet with the combination of source ID, target key ID and the instance status.

      No need to store & distribute the Log: Download the excel on the fly.

      Quick and Ease of failed records evaluation: Filter records by the status and start validating them.

      Smart data validation: Every imported record will contain a target key linked with the Fiori business application. Thereby navigate to the respective app and validate.

      Audit & Direct Navigation to Fiori App: Once the imported instance is as expected, audit the record on the screen. You can also plan for audit by selecting a portion of imported instances and audit later.

      Situations in Data Migration Status app: With this feature, users will get notified upon the migration job completion. No need to wait in front of computer screen.

      Job running status: Jobs that are running can be easily identified with a status tag ‘Job Running’ together with the migration object.

Author: Vishnu Vardhan Tanguturu

Vishnu is an expert Fixer for ERPfixers. Product developer and techno functional consultant having 8 years of experience in development, implementation and support of SAP applications.